Emergency Dental Services

Oral Surgery/Extractions

We often provide same day extractions (removing a tooth) for new patients who are in pain.

Root Canal Treatment

Our dental office performs almost all of our own root canal therapy. We can start your root canal today to help get you out of pain and then you return later when it’s quieter and our dentist can concentrate on you to finish the procedure.

This is great for emergency patients. You almost always won’t have to pay a second time at a new dentist’s office.

Dental Crowns

We can often recement old crowns or prepare and make a temporary for new crowns on the same day you visit. Most dental laboratories are closed on Saturdays so we generally make sure you are stabile and then have you return when we can focus primarily on you.

White Fillings and Bonding of fractured front teeth

In most cases, we can bond healthy chipped front teeth that day. However, doing traditional posterior fillings for back teeth when there is no pain is often done on a quieter weekday when the dentist will not be interrupted.

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