Sunday Emergency Visit Information

Important Questions and Answers about your Sunday dental emergency visit.

Do you accept dental insurance on Sundays?

Sorry, not at all. No. The prepaid Sunday emergency fee is for a panoramic radiograph (mandatory), limited problem focused examination, discussion of treatment options and a written Emergency Treatment Plan. It does NOT include any other additional services. You must pay in full for any additional needed dental care.

You must pay in full for all accepted dental care and file directly with your dental insurance yourself. We do not have the staff on Sundays to perform normal administrative tasks.

Can I just walk in on Sunday?

No. Sunday dental emergency visits are by appointment and prepayment only. Please call 770-940-1044 to schedule your Sunday dental emergency visit.

How do I pay on Sundays?

You can pay for additional needed dental services with Mastercharge, Visa, Discover and CareCredit cards. We do not accept checks.

Can all dental procedures be done on Sundays?

Unfortunately, we can guarantee that we will do every procedure on Sundays.

For various reasons we cannot do all dental extractions on Sundays. Sometimes there is a serious infection or the tooth is badly impacted or the patient can not open well enough to do the oral surgery procedure.

We do start root canals with the purpose of relieving pain but you must return during a weekday to have your root canal finished.

If I choose to go somewhere else, will there be a charge for my x-rays?

No, your dental x-rays can be transferred at no charge to your regular dentist.

Do you do dental payment plans on Sunday?

Yes, if we can. We use CareCredit which does check your credit before granting you a dental loan.